Species List

Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival Species List as of 2015.

Birds seen during the festival, 3rd weekend in April 1995-2015.
Here is an Excel file for use during 2016 (2016_Species_List).

___Greater White-fronted Goose # (R) ___ Red-throated Loon (C) ___Golden Eagle # (R) ___Black-legged Kittiwake (U) ___Allen’s Hummingbird* (C) ___Black-capped Chickadee* (LU) ___Lapland Longspur ! # (LR)
___Ross’ Goose ! # (R) ___Pacific Loon (C) ___American Kestrel* (C) ___Bonaparte’s Gull (C) ___Calliope Hummingbird* ! # (R) ___Mountain Chickadee* (C) ___Smith’s Longspur ! (Ac)
___Brant (nigricans) (LA) ___Common Loon (C) ___Merlin (U) ___Heermann’s Gull ! (Ca) KINGFISHER, WOODPECKERS ___Chestnut-backed Chickadee* (C) ___Spotted Towhee* (C)
___Cackling Goose (LA) ___Yellow-billed Loon ! (Ca) ___Peregrine Falcon* (LU) ___Mew Gull # (U) ___Belted Kingfisher* (C) ___Bushtit* (U) ___California Towhee* # (LU)
___Snow Goose ! (R) ___Pied-billed Grebe* (U) CRANES, RAILS ___Ring-billed Gull (C) ___Lewis’s Woodpecker ! # NUTHATCHES, WRENS, DIPPER ___Chipping Sparrow* (C)
___Canada Goose* (C) ___Horned Grebe (C) ___Virginia Rail* (C) ___Western Gull* (A) ___Acorn Woodpecker* ! # (C) ___Red-breasted Nuthatch* (C) ___Vesper Sparrow! # (R)
___Tundra Swan (LU) ___Red-necked Grebe (LU) ___Sora* (U) ___California Gull (C) ___Red-breasted Sapsucker* (U) ___Brown Creeper* (U) ___Grasshopper Sparrow ! (R)
___Wood Duck* (LC) ___Eared Grebe (U) ___American Coot* (C) ___Herring Gull (U) ___Downy Woodpecker* (C) ___Bewick’s Wren* (C) ___Lark Sparrow ! # (LU)
___Gadwall* (LC) ___Western Grebe (C) ___Sandhill Crane ! (Ca) ___Thayer’s Gull (R) ___Hairy Woodpecker* (C) ___Winter Wren* (C) ___Savannah Sparrow* (A)
___Eurasian Wigeon (R) ___Clark’s Grebe (R) PLOVERS, OYSTERCATCHERS ___Glaucous-winged Gull (C) ___White-headed Woodpecker* ! # (R) ___Marsh Wren* (LC) ___Fox Sparrow (A)
___American Wigeon (C) ___Laysan Albatross ! # (R) ___Black-bellied Plover (C) ___Glaucous Gull ! # (R) ___Northern Flicker* (C) ___American Dipper* (LU) ___Song Sparrow* (A)
___Mallard* (C) ___Black-footed Albatross # (C) ___
Pacific Golden Plover ! (LR)
___Caspian Tern* (C) ___Pileated Woodpecker* (U) KINGLETS ___Lincoln’s Sparrow* (U)
___Blue-winged Teal ! # (LU) ___Northern Fulmar # (C) ___Snowy Plover* (LR) ___Forster’s Tern (LU) FLYCATCHERS ___Golden-crowned Kinglet* (C) ___Swamp Sparrow ! # (R)
___Cinnamon Teal* (C) ___Pink-footed Shearwater # (U) ___Semipalmated Plover (C) ___Pomarine Jaeger (R) ___Western Wood-Pewee* (C) ___Ruby-crowned Kinglet (C) ___White-throated Sparrow (R)
___Northern Shoveler (C) ___Sooty Shearwater # (Ac) ___Killdeer* (C) ___Long-tailed Jaeger ! (R) ___Willow Flycatcher* ! # (R) GNATCATCHERS ___Harris’ Sparrow ! # (R)
___Northern Pintail (LC) ___Short-tailed Shearwater ! # (Ca) ___Black Oystercatcher* (LU) AUKS ___Hammond’s Flycatcher* ! # (LU) ___Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher* ! # (LR) ___White-crowned Sparrow* (C)
___Green-winged Teal (crecca)! # (R) ___Manx Shearwater ! # (Ac) STILTS, SANDPIPERS ___Common Murre* (A) ___Gray Flycatcher ! # (Ca) THRUSHES, WRENTIT ___Golden-crowned Sparrow (C)
___Green-winged Teal (carolinensis) (C) ___Leach’s Storm Petrel* ! # (LC) ___Black-necked Stilt (Ca) ___Pigeon Guillemot* (C) ___Dusky Flycatcher* ! (C) ___Western Bluebird* ! # (U) ___Dark-eyed Junco* (C)
___Redhead ! # (R) PELICANS, CORMORANTS ___American Avocet* (LC) ___Marbled Murrelet* (LC) ___Pacific-slope Flycatcher* (A) ___Townsend’s Solitaire* (U) TANAGERS, CARDINAL FINCHES
___Ring-necked Duck* (LC) ___Brandt’s Cormorant* (C) ___Greater Yellowlegs (C) ___Ancient Murrelet ! # (R) ___Black Phoebe* (C) ___Swainson’s Thrush* (C) ___Western Tanager* (U)
___Greater Scaup (C) ___Double-crested Cormorant* (C) ___Willet (C) ___Cassin’s Auklet ! # (C) ___Western Kingbird* ! # (U) ___Hermit Thrush* (C) ___Black-headed Grosbeak* (C)
___Lesser Scaup (LC) ___Pelagic Cormorant* (C) ___Lesser Yellowlegs ! (U) ___Rhinoceros Auklet (C) ___ Eastern Kingbird ! # (Ca) ___American Robin* (C) ___Lazuli Bunting* (C)
___Harlequin Duck (LR) ___American White Pelican ! (Ca) ___Spotted Sandpiper* (U) ___Tufted Puffin* (LR) SHRIKES, VIREOS ___Varied Thrush* (C) BLACKBIRDS, ORIOLES
___Surf Scoter (C) ___Brown Pelican (R) ___Solitary Sandpiper ! # (R) PIGEONS, CUCKOOS ___Brown Shrike ! # (Ac) ___Wrentit * (C) ___Red-winged Blackbird* (C)
___White-winged Scoter (U) HERONS, IBIS ___Wandering Tattler ! # (LU) ___Band-tailed Pigeon* (C) ___Cassin’s Vireo* (C) PIPITS, WAXWINGS ___Tricolored Blackbird ! # (R)
___Black Scoter # (LR) ___American Bittern* # (LR) ___Whimbrel (C) ___Mourning Dove* (C) ___Hutton’s Vireo * (C) ___American Pipit (C) ___Western Meadowlark* (C)
___Bufflehead (C) ___Great Blue Heron* (C) ___Long-billed Curlew (LU) OWLS ___Warbling Vireo* (C) ___Cedar Waxwing* # (C) ___Brewer’s Blackbird* (A)
___Hooded Merganser* ! # (LR) ___Great Egret * (C) ___Marbled Godwit (A) ___Barn Owl* (U) JAYS, CROW, RAVEN WOOD WARBLERS ___Brown-headed Cowbird* (C)
___Common Merganser* (C) ___Snowy Egret * (C) ___Ruddy Turnstone (LU) ___Western Screech-Owl* (C) ___Gray Jay* (LU) ___Northern Waterthrush ! # (Ca) ___Bullock’s Oriole* (C)
___Red-breasted Merganser (C) ___Cattle Egret ! # (R) ___Black Turnstone (LC) ___Great Horned Owl* (C) ___Steller’s Jay *(A) ___Orange-crowned Warbler* (C) FRINGILLID FINCHES
___Ruddy Duck (C) ___Green Heron* (U) ___Surfbird (LC) ___Northern Pygmy-Owl* (U) ___Western Scrub-Jay* (A) ___Nashville Warbler* (C) ___Purple Finch* (C)
GALLINACEOUS BIRDS ___Black-crowned Night-Heron* (C) ___Red Knot (LU) ___Spotted Owl * (U) ___American Crow* (C) ___Common Yellowthroat* (C) ___House Finch* (A)
___California Quail* (C) VULTURES ___Sanderling (C) ___Barred Owl* (LR) ___Common Raven* (C) ___McGillivray’s Warbler* (U) ___Red Crossbill* (R)
___Mountain Quail* ! # (LC) ___Turkey Vulture * (C) ___Western Sandpiper (Ac) ___Short-eared Owl* (U) LARKS, SWALLOWS ___Yellow Warbler* (U) ___Pine Siskin* (A)
___Ruffed Grouse * # (LR) HAWKS, FALCONS ___Least Sandpiper (C) ___Northern Saw-whet Owl* ! # (U) ___Horned Lark* # (L) ___Yellow-rumped Warbler* (C) ___Lesser Goldfinch* (C)
___Sooty Grouse* # (LC) ___Osprey* (C) ___Pectoral Sandpiper ! # (Ca) SWIFTS, HUMMINGBIRDS ___Purple Martin* # (U) ___Black-throated Gray Warbler* (C) ___American Goldfinch* (A)
___White-tailed Kite* (C) ___Rock Sandpiper (LR) ___Vaux’s Swift* (C) ___Tree Swallow * (C) ___Townsend’s Warbler (U) ___Evening Grosbeak # (R)
___Bald Eagle* (LR) ___Dunlin (A) ___White-throated Swift* (LR) ___Violet-green Swallow* (A) ___Hermit Warbler* (C) INTRODUCED SPECIES
___Northern Harrier* (C) ___Short-billed Dowitcher (A) ___Magnificent Hummingbird ! # (Ac) ___N. Rough-winged Swallow* (C) ___Palm Warbler ! # (R) ___Rock Pigeon * (C)
___Sharp-shinned Hawk* (C) ___Long-billed Dowitcher (C) ___Anna’s Hummingbird* (C) ___Cliff Swallow* (C) ___Wilson’s Warbler* (C) ___Eurasian Collared Dove* # (LU)
___Cooper’s Hawk* (U) ___Wilson’s Snipe # (C) ___Barn Swallow * (C) ___Worm-eating Warbler ! # (Ca) ___European Starling* (C)
___Red-shouldered Hawk* (C) ___Red-necked Phalarope # (C) ___Yellow-breasted Chat* ! (LU) ___House Sparrow * (A)
___Red-tailed Hawk* (C) ___Red Phalarope # (U)
___Ferruginous Hawk ! # ( LR)
* Local Breeder, ! = reported only one year,

# = reported only on one trip.

April abundance codes from Northwestern California Birds by Stanley W. Harris (2008)

263 Species so far!

Bold = seen every year (A)=abundant; (C)=common, (R)=rare, (U)=Uncommon Ac)=accidental (Ca)=casual (L)=Local