TH06 Shorebird Spectacle at the Arcata Marsh 1 – CLASSIC | 2023 | $15

Date - Thursday, 04/13/2023
Time - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Trip Leader(s): Tom Leskiw


Arcata Community Center


Total spaces for this event: 15

Total spaces remaining (not yet booked): 9

Usually we plan these trips on the rising tides, to watch shorebirds fly off of the mudflats and swirl around in roving (sometimes massive) flocks. This year, though, the tides are such that most of these trips will be experiencing shorebirds RETURNING to the tidal flats on Humboldt Bay, which can be just as interesting! Shorebird species expected include Western and Least Sandpiper, Dunlin, Marbled Godwit, Willet, Short- and Long-billed Dowitchers, Black-bellied Plover, and American Avocet. There are picnic tables available, if you want to bring a lunch. Bring a spotting scope, if you have one. Restroom available. Event repeats Friday (#FR22), Saturday (#SA47), and Sunday (#SU68).

MEETING LOCATION: Arcata Community Center Lobby


Bookings are closed for this event.

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