SU79 Workshop with Stuart Mackenzie – Champions of the Flyway – NEW | 2020 | $20

Date - Sunday, 04/19/2020
Time - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Trip Leader(s): Stuart Mackenzie

Total spaces for this event: 30

Total spaces remaining (not yet booked): 30

Meet in the community center dining room.

The sponsored bird count: How to get the most bang for your birding buck.  Peer to peer fundraising is an incredibly successful strategy implemented in charity sectors all over the world. The first peer to peer sponsored bird count, or Birdathon, in North America, was Long Point Bird Observatory’s Baillie Birdathon, now the Birds Canada Great Canadian Birdathon. Since then the model has been replicated, modified, and expanded to various support various organizations and causes all over the world. This workshop will explore variations in ‘Birdathon’ model around the world and discuss how to implement them, the pros and cons of each and highlight some unique success stories. We’ll also take an in depth look at the Champions of the Flyway, a now famous international bird race held in Israel in support of various bird conservation causes in the Mediterranean region, and analyze how a small team from Canada, The Canucks, took home the gold and made the greatest impact for vultures in the 2019 campaign. This is a classroom presentation.


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