SU81 Del Norte & Tufted Puffin – GOLD | 2017 $80

Date - Sunday, 04/23/2017
Time - 7:45 am - 5:00 pm

Trip Leader(s): Rob Fowler

Total spaces for this event: 10

Total spaces remaining (not yet booked): 2

Del Norte County provides an interesting contrast to Humboldt Birding. This trip travels by van and begins with a scenic drive north through the redwoods and lagoons to Crescent City. Rendezvous at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with participants from the Marbled Murrelet trip (reference event #73) is possible. The harbor and rocky shore support an array of birds, including Tufted Puffin on Castle Rock, the West Coast’s third largest seabird colony. This is the only land-based location in California where one can see Tufted Puffin, though a scope is highly advisable. We will visit Alexandre Dairy for shorebirds and Lake Earl for waterfowl. Point St. George could reveal some sea ducks like scoters and Harlequin Duck and it’s an outstanding location for all the West Coast rocky shorebirds. Crescent City harbor should have loons, grebes, Red-breasted Merganser and Surf Scoter and migrant shorebirds. The gull flock at the mouth of Elk Creek by the swimming pool is always worth a scan. To ensure there are no lost parties, Anchor Way in Crescent City will be the rendezvous point to reconvene after our 1.5 hours of travel from the Arcata Community Center. Expect uneven terrain, rocky shorelines, and possibly wet ground.This event includes a sack lunch, please let us know if you have dietary restrictions (


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