SU58 Birding the Redwoods within a 5-Mile Radius – NEW | 2023 | $30

Date - Sunday, 04/16/2023
Time - 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Trip Leader(s): Kathryn Wendel

Total spaces for this event: 10

Total spaces remaining (not yet booked): 8

There’s a growing movement in the birding world to go birding more locally. A newer and very popular way to go about that is to establish a 5-mile radius from your residence and stay within that circle. Join Kathryn, a serious local 5-mile radius birder, on a trip based on her 5-mile radius centered in Eureka, where she has seen an amazing 218 species just in 2022! With a special focus on redwood forest species like varied thrush, brown creeper, Pacific wren, black-capped chickadee, Canada jay, and pileated woodpecker. She will teach you how to find birds in a 5-mile radius, discover new locations, and provide a handout on how to get your own 5-mile radius circle started in eBird and Google Maps. Everyone should start a 5-mile radius circle from their residence! 

MEETING LOCATION: Arcata Community Center Lobby


Bookings are closed for this event.

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