SA43 Slow Birding the V Street Loop | 2023 | $15

Date - Saturday, 04/15/2023
Time - 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Trip Leader(s): Ken Burton

Total spaces for this event: 15

Total spaces remaining (not yet booked): 8

The “V Street Loop,” as it has been known to birders for decades now, has always been a popular birding location. But with recent habitat improvements by CalTrans, and increased parking locations, it has become even more popular and more diverse for birds. It’s now a popular spot for walking birding, as opposed to the past method of slowly driving the loop and birding it that way. With the wetland habitat improvements at the east side of the loop, hope for increased diversity in waterfowl and shorebirds while enjoying the usual open-country raptors, sparrows, and such for which the location has been known. Walking the whole loop to and fro is about 4 miles, but expect 2 to 3 miles of total walking. Restrooms not available.

MEETING LOCATION: Arcata Community Center Lobby


Bookings are closed for this event.

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